Our Transition to AssuredPartners

As of March 2020, Wateridge Insurance Services is now part of the AssuredPartners family. AssuredPartners, Inc. (AP) is the 12th largest broker of U.S. business (as ranked by Business Insurance in the July 2019 edition, featuring the “100 Largest Brokers of U.S. Business”). AP’s national resources and unparalleled market presence has enhanced our ability to provide broader coverage programs through top-rated insurance carriers.

Our program will soon be moving to the AsssuredPartners website. Though our name and brand may be changing, our commitment and dedication to providing superior products and services to our clients remains the same.

Consultative Approach

SCR takes the pain out of buying Business Insurance.  Buying insurance for your business should be transparent and educational, your broker shouldn’t be the only one making the informed decisions about the details of your insurance portfolio, which is often the case.  During the process of Policy Review you will have a better understanding about the policies you currently have, and discuss any changes the SCR Broker advices that will improve your coverage, while at the same time reducing your overall cost.


If during the process of the Policy Review the SCR Broker identifies that your Insurance Portfolio is in order, you will be informed immediately.  It is not our intent to exhaust your valuable time an effort if we are unable to identify any significant changes that would impact your coverages and reduce the amount you are currently paying.  SCR has found that educating our clients in a transparent and informed way is how we earn and keep our business. Many clients have hired us simply because we were able provide more details about their current insurance portfolio than their current broker/agency.


The good news is 70 to 80 percent of the Policies we review have: inadequate coverage, placed with insurance companies that are not preferable or suitable for the type of Business/Risk, and most of importantly the opportunity to reduce the overall cost is very high. Over 90 percent of the prospects that move into the quoting process results in a new client.


Most of the time the SCR Broker will be able to tell you the specifics about what changes you would expect to see to improve your coverages and give you an idea of what you might expect to pay, without exaggerating the results to earn your time.  We always try to estimate the cost higher than the actual results so we can wow you in the end by exceeding your expectations.